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Performance Climbing - 2 days

Course Overview

This course is for competent lead climbers who would like to improve their performance. If you would like to push your grade, improve your technique and climb more confidently then this is the course for you. This course embraces all aspects of rock climbing, from bouldering to sport to trad. It looks at training and provides top level coaching. It's a tried and tested formula, just look at Britain's top level climbers.

Experience Required

leading at VS or above.

Scheduled Dates

Detailed Course Notes

You should be 18 years old to attend this course.

Is it for me?

This course is designed for climbers who are already leading confidently at severe level or above, and feel that some professional input will help improve your all round crag skills, with an emphasis on lead climbing.

What we cover

Our 1:2 ratio throughout allows us to tailor the course to your individual needs. Skills covered will help you climb harder, more efficiently and for longer, yet still as safely as possible.

Each morning the course staff will decide on a venue which is best suited to the weather conditions and the group.

Over the two days we intend to look at the following areas:

  • Single and multi pitch climbing (as desired)

  • Coaching your climbing on a variety of rock

  • Advancing your rope-work skills

  • Falling off - taking (and holding) falls with greater confidence

  • Decision making at the sharp end (Risk assessment on route)

  • Mental Preparation

  • Successful bouldering

  • Training for climbing

  • What can the BMC do for us?

Weather permitting we will spend both days climbing on a variety of rock types to help build your repertoire of techniques. Our staff are very experienced with vast local knowledge, so in partnership with you they'll structure each day towards your needs.

Useful Books

  • Rock Climbing by Libby Peter (MLTUK official publication)
  • Sport Climbing+ - Rockfax publication by Adrian Berry
  • Trad Climbing+ - Rockfax publication by Adrian Berry
  • Classic Rock & Hard Rock by Ken Wilson
  • Way Of the Rock Warrior & Espresso Lessons  by Arno Ilgner
  • 9 out of 10 Climbers Make The Same Mistakes by Dave MacCloud
  • How To Climb Harder by Mark Reeves
  • Masterclass Part 1 and 2 by Neil Gresham
  • Get Out On Rock by Libby Peters and Neil Gresham
  • Self Rescue For Climbers by Steve Long and Olly Sanders
  • BMC Summit Magazine
  • Climb Magazine
  • Climber Magazine

What's Included In The Price?

Whether you choose to stay with us or you have alternative accommodation nearby, the following items are included in the total cost.

    Free tea, coffee or selected hot drinks for the duration of your visit
    Afternoon tea & homemade cakes
    Equipment hire
    Free (low-speed) wifi access in the bar & dining room
    In course transport
    Railway station pick up & drop off (please call to arrange)
    Parking with CCTV surveillance
    Free use of climbing wall, gym, MTB skills course & rolling pool

    If you choose to stay with us, these items are also included in the total cost:

    Accommodation the night before your course
    Accommodation during your course
    Breakfast & evening meal
    Bar Lunch/packed lunch

Accommodation For This Course

Plas y Brenin Main House

Your course is based at Plas y Brenin, The National Mountain Sports Centre in Capel Curig, North Wales, LL24 0ET.

If you are staying with us,

If you have chosen to add accommodation onto this course or holiday it is usually in the main house in a comfy en-suite room (normally shared with another guest). Each room has tea and coffee making facilities and all bed linen and towels are provided.

This includes accommodation the night before your first day. Your room will be available from 6pm. On your last day you will need to vacate your room by 10am. It is sometimes possible to arrange to stay an extra night please phone 01690 720214 for availability and cost.

Secure storage facilities, showers and toilets are available for you to use on your departure day once you have checked out of your room should you need them, please ask at reception.

Also included, if you chosen to add accommodation, are all your meals - breakfast, packed lunch, afternoon tea and freshly baked cakes and a three course evening meal. Please bear in mind an evening meal is not provided on the night before your course or on the last day of your course but our bar will be serving meals from 7.00pm until 8.45pm.

If you are are not staying with us but coming in each day,

If you choose to come in daily for your course or holiday you will need to arrive ready for a 9am welcome talk on the first day. For the rest of your course or holiday you will need to be here for 9.15am. We return from a full day of activity, usually in time for tea and cakes at 5pm (included).

There are more activities from 5.30 - 6.30 on some days of your course or holiday, please check on the first day.

For most of our awards and qualification courses there will be further evening sessions on some days which you need to attend, please check on the first day.

There is an 8pm adventure talk by one of our coaches on Saturday, Monday and Wednesday evenings which you are welcome to come to. Find out more about the upcoming talks here.

On the final day you will be finished by 5pm.

For courses based on-site our bar will be serving lunches from 12pm until 2pm or you are welcome to bring a packed lunch.

If your course is based away from the centre then you will need to bring a packed lunch with you. Each evening our bar serves evening meals from 7pm until 8.45pm if you wish to eat here.

You can arrange to have any of the following meals - breakfast, packed lunch and a three course centre dinner, by contacting our customer services team on 01690 720214 or

follow this link for more details

What Equipment Do You Need To Bring?

  • Warm outdoor wear which is comfortable to climb in - at all times of year e.g. walking trousers (shorts in summer), thermal layers/base layers, fleeces which are comfortable to climb in

  • Warm hat, gloves, neck gaiter/buff, sun hat

  • Trainers or approach shoes

  • Day rucksack (approx. 40-50 Litres)

  • Rucksack liner (e.g. rubble bag or dry bag)

  • Small personal first aid kit

  • Drinks bottle

  • Flask

  • Waterproof jacket and trousers

  • Lunch box/bag

  • High factor sunscreen

  • Midge repellant

  • Notebook and pen

If you already have:

  • Rock boots

  • Chalk bag

  • Harness

  • Helmet

  • Belay device

  • Climbing rack

The following items are available for you to borrow from our equipment stores so you don't need to rush out to buy them. Ropes are always provided by Plas y Brenin.

  • Rock boots

  • Chalk bag

  • Harness

  • Helmet

  • Belay device

  • Climbing rack

  • Day rucksack

  • Waterproof jacket and trousers

Customer Reviews For This Course

Climber gets spanked on bruvers

Mick Jones

Mike was an affable and very patient trainer who offered great tips and then empowered you to put them into practise on the climb. However, he was ready to step in if he could see I was struggling. Course was great and bespoke to my needs. Mike was really receptive to where I was at as he had gone through this to get to where he is. He gave good advice on next steps. My confidence was boosted and I came away with a load more tools in the box to help me move forward. Absolutely loved it. Thanks Mike - you're a legend!

Brilliant 2 days - well worth it

Bob Wilson

Just back from a brilliant couple of days at PYB. The Performance Climbing courses they do are a fantastic way to help you spot weaknesses and build on strengths. Our instructor, Dave Rudkin, really put the two days together well, helping me to address the area I most wanted to (ie. placing gear on E1 terrain). Despite really variable weather, we spent at least 12 Hrs on dry rock plus a coaching session in the wall. Amazing to get so much in. Thank you again!

Great course


Booked onto the course to see if I could pick up any tips or methods to improve my trad climbing and wasn't disappointing. Despite the miserable forecast, Dave's local knowledge was great and we managed to get two full days of climbing done (one day in sunshine). Covered basics of a structured approach to training, practiced gear placement and got lots of handy tips along the way and got dragged up some much harder stuff than we were used to to see gear placements, rest positions and tactics.

Overall well worth the time.

A great course with a really good instructor


Stu Macaleese was excellent and worked really hard to find a dry crag in dodgy weather as well as tailoring things to suit our skill level. For anyone who takes their climbing seriously and wants to progress at any level, this does what it says on the tin.

Improving trad skills

Arup Ghosh

Had an awesome weekend, and we got exactly what we were hoping to out of it.

The course was over 3 days, and even though we were rained in the last day felt that we got a lot in. Crucially at a pace that was just right and with content that was perfectly pitched at our strengths and weaknesses. Also our instructor, Chris, was very flexible in terms of adjusting the course depending on how we were doing, the weather etc, and also very good at getting us to practice repeatedly the skills we were looking to develop.

Also worth mentioning, the full boarding and catering package is ridiculously good value for money. Certainly if you're used to London prices.

Great weekend's coaching aimed at individual's needs

Justin Major

This was a fantastic two days in which I achieved exactly what I wanted, ie to develop my lead climbing and give me the confidence to consolidate at a higher grade. Dave, the instructor, was enthusiastic, attentive and very capable of matching the varied requirements of his 2 clients. His exhaustive knowledge of the area enabled him to make ideal choices with regards to the crags and climbs we attempted. Brilliant. Many thanks!

Excellent Course for someone lead climbing at VS or HVS

Peter (Ben) Milner

Firstly the Instructor Dave was excellent. He calibrated the various experiences to cover a variety of matters and diagnose the level of my experience and help progress the development areas. On top of that he helped me go beyond my previous experience which is always nice!

In particular we:

1. Climbed on slate for the first time.
2. Led a VS as a warm up and then - top roped on a short E1 , but placing gear as if I was leading. A very clever exercise.
3. Introduced me to a bolted climbing experience and really picked an interesting climb which allowed for positive holds on an intimidating 6C culminating on a challenging move - all the more so for being at the top of the climb. Fell off that a few times!
4. Also fell off an HVS lead at the crucx repeatedly - allowing Dave to pinpoint my crucial errors and get me focused on what I was doing wrong - which I was not aware off.
5. He gave me a short bouldering lesson to improve my footwork and balance - significant learnings for me and has given me something to work on.
6. Next day, on a change of rock to ignious, cemented the crucial skill of how to set up for the crucx leading a VS and then:
7. Finished up with seconding an E1 - which took 100% of me to only just manage.
8. A particular safety insight was provided regarding the belay plate in certain circumstnces. Before and after the lead climber gets in the forst protection above the belay anchor. Slightly disturbing that this was an insight for me! - but - it underlines the usefulness of the expert oversight. I am now alive to this issue.

Overall, very challenging and left me with a sense of acheivement and a good sense of my limits and matters to focus on.



David Robson

First time at PYB and the whole set up was great. Very friendly and helpful with not a hint of arrogance or a clique. All the staff seemed genuinely pleased to see us.

The course was excellent and I learnt a lot even though I have been climbing for 20 years - but how could you fail to with one of the UK's top climbers in the form of James McHaffie coaching the 2 of us!

I will definitely be back.


We did a fair bit of climbing but having the weekend on a Bank Holiday was not a great idea as we had to queue for climbs and so wasted a lot of time. The 2=1 ratio was good but any mis-match of partners means one person gets more coaching than the other. I enjoyed the course and did some good climbing for me but I can't say I got any real coaching of my performance - probably a weekend isn't long enough so if you want that then go on the 5 day course. This course really just suggests climbs that might be a challenge for you at whatever level you are at and then helps you to have the confidence to give them a go.
It was a good atmospherre with a really mellow instructor who was easy to relate to - very typical of PYB so that was great. It was just a bit frustrating that I didn't get to push myself a bit more. I need to go back and do the 5 day course I think.

Excellent course

Ed Mitchell

Brilliant course. Staff as helpful, encouraging and obviously competent as ever. Much more of a 'personalised' feel to the weekend, we decided which routes we'd like to tackle with the instructor (Dave Kenyon in our case), rather than just being told where we're going to climb. Dave made every effort to make sure we were comfortable and was a master at being helpful without being pushy or condescending.

Although tired in the evening, the session on efficient movement on rock (which then mutated into a sports psychology session) was also very worthwhile, with a few simple movement exercises which I now try and incorporate into my sessions down at the local climbing wall.

All in all, a great two day course, with lots to think about afterwards.

Excellent weekend

K R Ong

I had a great time on this course. The best thing was the careful tailoring to your specific needs. My climbing partner and I were starting to climb at HVS standard but had been lacking in confidence and after a warm up seconding a VS we were put straight on the lead at HVS. I wanted to spend as much time as possible leading so this was perfect. Dave Kenyon was an excellent instructor - amazingly reassuring when things were feeling difficult and emphasising when we were moving well so we gained confidence.

The indoor session on the evening of the first day was very helpful in reinforcing and reminding us of good movement skills, which helped the next day and will help in the future.

We did more leading the next day and got a route and a half in before the rain came down.

As usual, the standards of accommodation and food at PYB were top notch, and there was no risk of going hungry.

It was just over so quickly - I think I might consider the 5 day version at some point!

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