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Latest Online Reviews (May 23, 2017)

Moving Out - 5 days

Fantastic Course

Graham Addison

Everything about the course was fantastic although this was undoubtedly helped by the unbelievable weather (I was wearing sun tan lotion 4/5 days - in May!) and getting on well with my roommate [climbing partner for the last 3 days].

Our head instructor Matt did a fantastic job working out the group’s experience levels, climbing ability and goals for the week. In total, there was 8 of us in the group but the instruction always felt personal and I never felt like I couldn't ask a question or for advice even in the big group.

The first day was spent at a small 'secret' crag since it was a busy bank holiday. At the end of the day we went to a slate quarry [bus-stop] to try climbing slate and push ourselves on some harder routes. We did this as one group.

On the second day we again went as one group to the sea cliffs in Holyhead (Crag X). This was an easy beginners’ cliff so we could focus on rope work/ top belaying but the climbing was still interesting in a beautiful setting.

The third day we split into groups of 2:1 instructor and I was lucky enough to get Matt leading my group. This was spent at Clogwyn yr Oen where we did 2 multi-pitch routes, an abseil and a harder single pitch route. Matt was fantastic at making sure we were getting our rope/belay skills correct safely whilst pushing us to climb challenging routes and get in a lot of climbing. At the end of the day we went as a group to the RAC boulders to focus on technique with Kath - another excellent instructor.

Thursday again was in small groups and we went to Tremadog to do multi-pitch routes. The climbs were challenging (although not as hard as the day before) but Matt wanted us to focus on becoming more independent with respect to placing gear, setting up belays, ropework etc. Highlight of the day was pitch 2 of One Step in the Clouds which is a fantastic pitch. Again we did some more abseiling to practice those skills and after another 3 multi-pitch routes I was feeling tired by this point.

Day 5 Matt asked us what we'd like to do, both my climbing partner and I said we'd like to try leading. The first climb we did "expedition" style with backpacks on which was challenging as it was a physical route! I'm glad we did though as one of my stated long term objectives was to do big mountain routes so it was good to experience this. Then Matt let us try leading whilst guiding us up next to us making sure we were never in trouble or too far outside our comfort zones. Overall I think he did a great job of ensuring we were safe, whilst learning but at the same time challenging us with the climbing. I would strongly recommend courses with him and would even consider using him as a personal guide in the future (a lot more expensive than PyB rates!). That said all the other groups also were highly complementary about their respective instructors too.

Overall the food was excellent, especially considering the amount paid for it. Which was a welcome surprise. The accommodation too was comfortable although it could get a little hot at night (probably due to the unusually warm weather) but again for the cost it was more than adequate. I would whole heartedly recommend this course to anyone thinking about doing trad climbing who has a base level indoors.

Get Started Rock Climbing - 2 days

Amazing Experience


The course was really fun and useful, and I learned a lot. I've had no previous outdoor climbing experience, though all 3 of us on the course had some knowledge on belaying and ropework. We spent 2 days climbing different kinds of rocks. Having a smaller class meant that each of us had the chance to get individual input, and I feel like we all learned quite a bit and improved vastly over the duration of this course. The instructor, James, was a great and entertaining guy. He made everyone feel comfortable, pushed us to improve, but never made anyone do something they are not OK with. He was a real professional and always looked out for our safety. I would highly recommend this course for people that want to experience rock climbing and have had no or little previous experience.

Mountain Skills

Mountain Skills, 13-14 May

Mark P

2 days of learning anew and refreshing rusty old skills, combined with 2 excellent peaks and the company of a group who were as keen to learn as I. The course was tailored to the needs of those attending, this meant an emphasis upon micro navigation, covering difficult ground and planning/preparation. Over the course of the 2 days we experienced some very enjoyable walking and scrambling. Equipment, where provided by PYB, was lightweight and of a high standard. Topped off with good food, comfortable accommodation and a selection of good ales and whisky in the bar. Thanks to Instructors Richard and Sally for a very enjoyable 2 days

Mountain Skills

Mountain Skills Course, May 13-14


Great weekend in North Wales learning and refreshing long rusty skills. Useful emphasis on micro navigation and route planning as well as ascending some great tops. Thoroughly recommended if, like me, you are returning to hills/mountains after time away.

Mountain Skills

Mountain Skills, 13-14 May

Mark P

Intromediate White Water Kayak

Great Course


I attended this course to experience White Water Kayaking for the first time. (I had a decent amount of previous Sea Kayaking experience behind me, so therefore had decent balance and paddling skills). This course was spot on for me, the skills progression from day to day gave me the confidence to tackle grade 2 rivers (such as the Upper & lower Tryweryn). Although I'd never 'rolled' before, I managed my first 'hand rolls' using hand pads during the rolling clinics. This course is suitable for those with decent paddling skills, a good level of fitness, and reasonable balance. The ability to roll is obviously an advantage, but I managed ok without it (I need to work on it!)

Moving Out - 2 days

Great course!

Barbara Carnegie

Thoroughly enjoyed this 2 day course, lots of technical information explained thoroughly and expertly by the 3 leaders and plenty of time on the crags to put it all into practice. A very friendly group with all pretty much the same level of experience which with the leaders made for a really enjoyable weekend. The centre, it's setting and facilities are all excellent and the great weather was a bonus!

Complete Three Star (Training and Assessment) Sea Kayak

Three Star Course? I'm giving it 5 stars!

David White

This was my second course at PyB - I did the Intro-mediate Course last year (see my review). If you've never stayed at PyB before, here are three things that stick in my memory: (1) All the people who work there - and I mean ALL the people - are friendly, helpful and supportive (it must be a great place to work!); (2) you can borrow just about any piece of equipment you might need (and learn how to use it); and (3) everybody looks forward to the food (you'll be hungry and it's really good). Our coaches for the course were Sid (2 days) and James (3 days plus the assessment). They are both top guys - not just good paddlers, they really understand how to help people learn. Two big things for me were Sid spending time getting us to understand the boat and how to work with it; and James pushing me to use my skills in progressively more challenging situations. I never thought I'd have the courage to commit to a cross-deck-bow-rudder for example; and I came out of one zawn with a big grin on my face after avoiding being trashed in the back by a big set of waves - thanks James! I think the BCU 3 Star Course at PyB is a great package. It's excellent value for money. You'll want to go back for more! A bit of advice: read the syllabus before you come. It's worth knowing what you'll be assessed on so you can identify where you are weaker. You have to demonstrate a successful roll for the assessment - you'll get coaching of course - but you might not be able to learn it from scratch. I'm going to be back for another course next year - perhaps that says it all!

Mountain Bike Improver

Very good course

Andy Stapleton

Course was very good. Instructors were very good, knowledgeable, very capable riders and good at getting the key points across and giving individual feedback and tuition where needed. The course facilities were very good. The track was very good for practice and confidence building. The ability to be taken by van to various routes was also very good. I liked the flexibility in what was taught according to the groups need. I would rather have done more riding on the trails. We did seem to be taking it a bit easy at times. But others in the group were quite happy with the pace. So I accept there was a bit of a compromise. The centre accommodation was generally good. Bar was very good. Bedroom was ok, mattress was a bit worn and lumpy although I did sleep ok. Tired from the cycling probably...

Mountain Leader Training (Summer)

A very useful, thorough and well out together week...

Fred King

I'm really glad I chose the residential ML training at PYB (April 2017) - good clean and relaxed accommodation at the centre and the amazing food makes it a lot easier as you can just focus on what you're doing on the course without worry. I was slightly apprehensive initially about being good enough to do the course, (even as someone who works outdoors with school groups and has walked/climbed in ML terrain for about 17 years)- did I have a good enough handle on the skills, was I fit enough etc. to meet the minimum criteria just for the training? I'd also heard a couple of horror stories about other ML training providers from friends that spent the week absolutely exhausted! But, fear not, as the PYB staff are very good at starting everyone off at the lowest level and then bringing everyone up to the required standard. The only downside of that on my course was that at times I didn't feel stretched, but that wasn't often. Mo Barclay was a great instructor on the course, as were Iona and Rich, but my group spent most of our time with Mo. She gave me some very useful tips and ideas for groups on the hill which will make a big difference and has already come in handy with a DofE group. My only criticism of the course would be that it would be good if the entry requirements were pushed a little more for all candidates, just to minimise the "catch up" element at the start of the course, and really get into stretching the candidates, but I guess that's more of an issue with the course spec as designed by Mountain Training, rather than PYB as a training provider. Overall I'm really happy with the course and any fears about being good enough were soon settled and I found it a brilliant week with useful feedback and a good idea of what I need to do next for the assessment.

Sea Kayak Rolling Clinic

Paul Stewart

I've had a few people try to teach me to roll before but nothing as good as this. Andy had a whole pile of exercises and techniques I'd never seen before. Although we were all working through the same stuff there was constant individual coaching - not everyone has difficulty with the same stuff. Managing fatigue was a big issue over 2 days and again Andy was on the ball with breaks etc. The whole group came away with a real understanding of why the roll works or doesn't - I never heard the usual 'Your head's coming up too soon'. When it all clicked on the last day I couldn't stop rolling -"Just one more". Many thanks Andy.

Sea Kayak Rolling Clinic

Great Course

Steve Pogmore

Excellent 2 day course, with brilliant instruction from Andy Butler. 6 on course ideal for the pool size. We didn't go outside but that was a possibility if required. Thoroughly and highly recommended.

Sea Kayak Rolling Clinic

A great course

Nicole Stewart

Just completed this course and it was fantastic. Andy, our instructor, was simply brilliant and succeeded in getting me to roll a sea kayak. Thanks Andy. I would advise potential attendees to come with, or borrow from the PYB stores, a shortie wetsuit or a long john. Being in the pool all day means you can get chilled but a wetsuit worked well. Also something for your feet. Highly recommended. Get booked on!

BCU Complete 3 Star (Training and Assessment) White Water Kayak

Great course for any white water beginner to intermediate

Heather Rosser

I have been paddling on and off for quite a few years now but never pushed myself beyond grade 3 because of my weak rolling ability. Although my roll is not perfect now, it's a lot better and this course has given me the confidence and knowledge to keep working on it and in future push my overall paddling further. On this course we weren't paddling difficult rivers so allowed the coaches and me to strip my paddling back to the basics and others in the group to build confidence on moving water. I saw some bad habits start to slip away and hope to continue with this. The best thing about the course was the coaches (Andy and Chris). Not only did they help me improve my kayaking but also gave us advise as coach's. They were flexible and adaptable to the group and individual needs. They got the vibe of the group right and then set their coaching styles. They aimed to improve us as paddlers and coaches, not just to gain our 3 star and they succeeded.

REC Mountain First Aid

Great experience

Duarte Pereira

Mike was simply excellent. This is my first First Aid course in a long time. While I will be using the course to support my partner during outdoor explorations (she is an anaesthetician doing the mountain medicine course), I have also had the ability to meet some individuals who may just have furthered my passion for the outdoors and to perhaps even pursue a career in the outdoor. If that isn't the ethos of Plas-y-brenin, I am not sure what is. The stay was, as it always is, comfortable and the housing more than up to snuff. I will be returning very soon.

REC Mountain First Aid

Eugene Chapman

Really enjoyed the course ,I renew every 3 years here. The course is well run, the environment is second to none, the staff the food the accommodation is excellent.

Tandem Canoe Skills

Useful & Enjoyable

Julian King

The course was pitched just about right. A good combination of tweaking our existing skills and some new skills all together in an enjoyable weekend of paddling. Ongoing advice and tips with safety and sailing sessions. Our coach Dave Luke made a huge improvement to our forward paddling, which we will benefit from everyday we paddle. We were the only boat of the course so Dave was able to tailor it to our needs, but I think even with a full compliment of boats it could be very tailored. As usual PYB was extremely comfortable, really good food and the staff helpful and friendly. It really is a treat to be accommodated at the centre. We have come away with improved paddling, lots of tips and tricks as well as a couple of really valuable new techniques - we will definitely return.

Lead Climbing Developer - 5 days

Learning to Lead 5 day


Sea Kayak Rolling Clinic

Great course & great tuition

David Turner

I was hoping this would be a zero to hero course for me but even though I stopped short of rolling without a float on the end of my paddle, it certainly taught me loads. Our instructor, Andy, was first class and broke the elements of a roll into bite size and achieveable chunks. With the right timing, technique and energy, you would put these together and have a roll.
We spent two days in the PyB indoor heated pool practicing these elements and the other three classmates all managed a complete roll on day two so I would highly recommend this course, and Andy in particular, if you want to learn to roll and generally gain confidence in a boat.
I will be back in a weeks time for the 5 day intro to kayaking course with my wife!
See you soon and many thanks - fantastic location and great team you have.

Rolling Reconstruction

Rolling reality


I have attended this course several times over the years, always to improve my existing roll. It has certainly been useful for that, mainly because of having the heated pool available and two days to improve in... made all the more enjoyable by the great PYB atmosphere. Be aware that many people attend this course when their roll simply isn't working at all. But the coaches are not miracle workers; they can only do so much. Prior to attending, I recommend looking at books or at Youtube rolling videos to identify the typical mistakes that people make when learning, and especially, how to correct these mistakes. (Such errors include your head coming up first, over-reaching, diving paddle blade, etc). This not a 'learn to roll' course; it's better for improving an existing roll that is unreliable. Three Stars to warn you not to come with over-high expectations if you don't have any sort of roll in place!

Scottish hill walking

Giencoe March 5-9.

Mick Hall

5 days fantastic hill walking in the Scottish mountains exceeded all my expectations. The weather was generally good but not benign which added greatly to the challenge for man from Suffolk. Our instructor Will was both totally professional and a great guy to spend 5 days in the mountains with. He taught us great skills to enable safety and good technique in the mountains. We were fortunate enough to have Sam helping us for the first three days giving us a ratio of 2:1 instructor.. Must mention my other fellow walkers- brilliant company on the hill and in the bar!! The Alltshellach was comfortable warm and very well run and the food a delight! This trip was long overdue and has already got me thinking about my return next year. Thank you all, Mick Hall

Preparation of Summer ML

ML preparation for assessement

Alvina Labsvirs

Considering the almost 'winter' conditions this was a great two days. It certainly tested our kit to the full extent if not ourselves!

Gareth was an excellent instructor. Giving information and guidance with just the right levels of gravitas and humour.

I feel much more confident about my own abilities and weaker areas to work on before my assessment in April.

Just hoping for better weather :-)

Discover White Water Kayaking

A BRILLIANT course delivered by BRILLIANT instructors!

Simon P

I'm a fairly competent paddler on flat water but have done very little on moving water so decided to let Plas y Brenin show me the ropes.
I've used PyB on a number of occasions previously have nearly always had amazing experiences and this course was no different.
Our instructor, Karl, was friendly, extremely knowledgeable, helpful and informative. He made the learning easy and interesting with obvious progression between skills.
I've built up the confidence in just two days to be happy on any grade 1 or 2 water and can't wait to get out again.
I would highly recommend this course (or even better, the five day version) to anyone looking to get some beginner experience on white water.

Canoe White Water Skills

Good course

will horsley

Good course, thanks. Did not use Plas y Brenin accommodation but was a very nice place and nice bar.

Mountain Leader Training (Winter)

Winter ML training Alltshellach 29 Jan - 3 Feb 2017

Roger Everett

Personal details: Male, over 65, attended for personal development, self-funded. I very much enjoyed this course and found it very useful and instructive. I would rate it excellent for value for money, friendliness, quality of instruction, food, accommodation, facilities and cleanliness. Despite the conditions being limiting for Winter ML purposes, we were able to cover nearly all of the syllabus and we got a very clear idea about what would be expected on assessment. I liked the fact that all necessary elements were taught in a practical, realistic manner in a way that one could immediately see the relevance to safely leading groups in winter conditions.
Admin was very good, but I have a couple of comments. Firstly, the kit list on the course information document needs to improve. It does not include at present any of the kit you need for overnight stays in the hills; Goretex bivvy bag, sleeping mat, sleeping bag, stove, pan, mug, cook kit, shovel, probe etc. Some but not all of these items were available from store. OK, it should be obvious, but they should be there on the list! Secondly, although we covered most of the general topics during conversation on the hill and back at the hotel, I thought a bit more on hypothermia and general equipment recommendations could be valuable. To be fair though, all the people on this particular course were obviously very knowledgeable about these things.

The Big Winter Walk (28-29 Jan)

Does what it says on the tin

Catrin Williams

Fantastic, professional and welcoming staff throughout. The food was great and there was outdoor kit available for hire.

The room was clean and comfortable.

I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for future events
However a few points I'd like to note:

1. welcome to plas y brenin folder/brochure in room was not bilingual which was a bit disappointing

2. I paid for mountain insurance on the booking website but received no further documents as evidence of this

3. I paid for a single room over the phone although did not receive an email confirmation of this

4. Some guests received Joe brown discount vouchers whilst others didn't (including me!)

Welsh Winter Skills

Great Course despite lack of snow!

Jamie Grainger

Still got loads out of the course even though no snow. Covered loads of things and instructors were great and really down to earth. Accommodation and food excellent!! Definitely go again.

BMC Winter Skills in Wales - The Full PYB Experience

Had an amazing time

Alex Wade, Alice Geddes

We stayed the weekend for our Welsh Winter Skills course, unfortunately there was no snow but the instructors did a great job of running the course regardless, we got everything we had hoped to achieve out of the 2 days and had an amazing time.

Great people, great place, will definitely look into coming again

Rock Improver - 5 days

Highly recommended

Elaine Bateman

The course provided a good grounding in movement and ropework and allowed plenty of opportunity to practice the skills learned, and also exposure to climbing on several different types of rock during the week. Will and Paul were patient and highly knowledgeable instructors and I achieved more than I thought possible. Although this course runs both as 2 day and 5 day durations, my opinion is that the 5 day option is preferable as it allows much more time to practice and reinforce the techniques introduced on the course. I would would have no hesitation in recommending this course to others wishing to improve their confidence climbing outdoors.

The Bombproof Roll



The Bombproof Roll course was everything I expected and more. Having started the week with a roll that sometimes worked and sometimes didn't, I came away at the end of the course with a solid white water roll and, more importantly I think, an understanding of WHY my original roll wasn't working, with ways to correct this when my technique gets sloppy. We were also given some great ideas for practising our rolls and progressing with our rolling.
The course instructors were friendly, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, supportive and patient: they pushed us when they could see it would do us good, but not so much that we'd get frustrated. The course participants had a range of abilities, but no one ever felt excluded and no one was left behind. Facilities were great, as you'd expect: we spent a few days in the rolling pool at Plas y Brenin and a couple of days on the River Dee at Llangollen, with plenty of different boats and paddles to try if you wanted.
Accommodation and food were fantastic: lovely meals (huge portions if you wanted), clean and comfortable rooms, and a great bar with some nice beers! All the Plas y Brenin staff were very friendly and helpful.
Overall, an absolutely fantastic week - highly recommended!

BCU Complete 3 Star (Training and Assessment) White Water Kayak

Amazing time at PYB!

Charles Philpot

Can't really fault anything to do with the course. Everyday was well structured, we we told of what we would be doing in advance, comfortably got through the material and passed the whole course in 4 days, leaving us with 1 day of pure white water kayaking and I managed to squeeze in a bit of playboating :)
Instructors were amazing, knowledgeable and helpful. Staff at the centre were really good as well and the facilities and bar were excellent.

I did pick up that the centre is trying to be more environmentally conscious and I have a couple of recommendations - make the menu less focussed on meat and dairy products and more focussed on plant foods, but also instead of wrapping sandwiches in cling film possibly encourage people to bring tupperware or their own sandwich bags to cut down on waste.

I will definitely be returning!

Charles :)

Rolling Clinic

Superb course

Mark Rogers

This was a great course. The coaching from Chris was supportive, insightful and effective. He paced the weekend just right ensuring that the content was tailored to each participant. The use of video analysis was especially useful. I now have a basic roll that I can build on over the coming months.

Welsh Winter Skills

Welsh Winter Skills

Angela Dunne

Great course at a great venue. In spite of the lack of snow Stuart managed to locate enough for us to practice our skills. Sunday provided a great walk and more snow. A thoroughly enjoyable weekend.

Welsh Winter Skills

Welsh Winter Skills


On the way to Wales I assumed the weather conditions precluded us from finding any snow to really get stuck in with crampon and ice axe use.
However! Stuart our Mountain Guide took us to a place that there was snow on the first day! We learnt so many of the essential things and even tried out digging snow holing!
On the second day we ascended a nearby mountain and consolidated many of the skills we went through including navigation. The conditions were fantastic, so we were very lucky indeed!
Overall, an awesome experience and I cannot imagine having a better introduction to winter skills. Highly recommended! Not to mention the excellent accommodation and catering!

Mountain Skills

Amazing weekend


Had an amazing weekend and picked up new skills such as map reading and using compass. Our guide was very professional, well prepared and helpful with all of us. Staff in PyB centre is amazing, everybody is very friendly, food is first class!!

Advanced Scrambling

Great experience

Robert Vale

First of all,I was amazed at the very high standard of the instructors (Tim and Stu)that we had. Obviously, being Plas Y Brenin I thought that they would be good but in fact they were both right at the top of their game (for example they had both climbed the North Face of Eiger).Despite this they never gave the impression of being bored at covering what to them was obviously very easy terrain and put a lot of effort into teaching us the correct way to go about things.The first day was pretty challenging but after that the day's objectives were tailored to reflect the experience, fitness and ability of course attendees.For the last three days I was teamed (along with another guy) with Stu. I benefited hugely from his vast experience and it was also very interesting hearing about his experiences as a top guide in the Alps.Considering the wet weather we had, it was amazing what we got done (Cneifion Arete was a highlight). It is a big advantage being with instructors who know Snowdonia so well, as they are able to select routes that are doable in the conditions - not everyone (me included) would have the confidence to do this.
The Centre itself can't be faulted - very comfortable rooms and well cooked food with a good choice. It was very useful being able to borrow kit from the stores. However, some of the boots do let water in - in fairness it would be a mammoth job to keep them all waterproofed to a high standard. If you are thinking of using their boots and want to be sure of avoiding wet feet, it would be a good idea to bring a pair of waterproof socks (Sealskins) as back up.

The Big Acoustic Walk (19-20 Nov)

Good music, good walking, good food


We arrived early on the Friday, so we were fed, settled in and signed up for Saturday's mountain walk for when the impromptu music session started around 7:30. Excellent! Very informal and entertaining; good light beer and singing along to old folk favourites.We left regretfully at 11pm, but apparently the bar remained open for beer and music.
Breakfast Saturday - excellent - sticks to your ribs; picked up lunch, filled flask and set off to walk 11km. Had lunch on top of Drum in the snow; cold, but very pleasant.
back to PYB for tea and cake.
Dined, and back into the lecture theatre for a more formal musical event. Wow! Much talent, much enjoyed. We left at midnight, (had to sleep!).
Breakfast Sunday, Excellent, slightly later than usual. Informal music went on till 4am!!!!!(apparently). Breakfasted, packed and room cleared. Gentle 11km through forest to Betwys y coed.
then back to PYB, tea and cake, then away home.
Found out later we could have bought an extra night!. Should have,Sunday night was another informal music session.Next time, we will.
Food - excellent, and plenty of it.
Walking - thoroughly enjoyed, professionally guided.
Music - brilliant. (I have to say we enjoyed the informal session more than the formal Saturday night).
Thank you to all who helped make a weekend special.
We will be back!

Advanced Scrambling

Advanced Scrambling - mega!

Sean O'Sullivan

The 5-day Advanced Scrambling course completely exceeded my expectations. We had a fantastic instructor, Tim Neill, who was extremely patient, knowledgeable, friendly, and fantastic at ensuring that everyone understood all the concepts as well as the big picture; Tim pushed us to our comfort levels after which we felt we had had an epic day every day. We covered all the concepts and skills, using a lot of gear, which in the second half of the week Tim was pushing us to implement ourselves while carefully monitoring us and correcting when necessary.

After the first day I thought that lasting the 5 days would be difficult but this was not in fact the case and we all finished an epic week with still a little fuel left in the tank, but full of confidence and knowledge. While the weather was damp or wet, Tim chose locations where impact of the weather was minimal, and the weather conditions did not in any way reduce the experience or training provided - indeed it probably enhanced it as climbing in dry rock conditions can only be easier.

The PYB centre is fantastic - clean, great food (and plenty of it), a nice bar, nice bedrooms, and staff are very friendly. Equipment of all sorts is available free to course attendees, and indeed after trying a scrambling boot for the whole week (that I previously had been interested in but was slow to buy) I went and purchased the boot in the local Joe Brown climbing shop, happy in the knowledge that it was perfect after scrambling all week in a pair. Indeed another attendee on the course tried 3 different pairs of boots on different days until he found the right one.

The drying rooms are great, so you have dry kit every day without having to bring too many changes of clothes with you to the course.

I cannot recommend this course and the centre highly enough; it's a 10/10 course and centre.

The Big Acoustic Walk (19-20 Nov)

4th time at The Big Acoustic Walk and I'll be back for no. 5

Andy McClennon

As ever it was a very enjoyable weekend in a very hospitable and friendly environment. Alan Manouch and Dave Cheetham 'worked their socks off' to make this as special if not better than my previous three visits.
The staff at PYB at all levels are a welcoming and friendly group of people, which contributes to the overall success of each visit.
The scenery, food and ale are hard to beat and this combined with great guided walks and an abundance of live music is just brilliant. (Although the course officially finished on Sunday, the music carried on in the bar on Sunday evening with a small group staying for an extra night)
The accommodation isn't perfect (PYB is not a 5 star hotel) but a problem with a shower one morning was rectified the same day. The rooms are warm comfortable and more than adequate for a short stay. The new policy of being able to book a single room and pay a small supplement was most welcome and will certainly appeal to visitors who are not keen on sharing rooms.
The new layout of tables and chairs in the dining room works well and is easier to navigate with a sleepy head and a plate piled high with a wonderful cooked breakfast. Also, the enhancements to the bar were very pleasing.
A big thanks you to Al and Dave and everyone at PYB for a wonderful weekend, I've still got a big smile on my face.
PS. Thank you to the weather forecasters for being wrong! Two dry days for walking and some sunshine was terrific.

Big Acoustic Walk

Big Acoustic Walk


I've been to Plas y Brenin four times for the Big Acoustic Walk weekends and will be going back again (soon I hope). The accommodation is warm and comfortable with fabulous food and a fantastic bar. The scenery is spectacular and the staff at Plas y Brenin are brilliant. They are all really friendly, especially Dave and Alan who go out of their way to make these walking/music weekends weekends such fun. I will be back in April, with re-enforcements.


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