25th August 2020

65 years of Plas y Brenin

Written by Jack Nicholl


This November, we’re celebrating our 65th anniversary and to mark the occasion, we’re putting together a digital archive of 65 stories, to celebrate 65 years.

Whilst the activities might have changed over the years, from horse riding to mountain biking, our love of adventure has never wavered. We’re inviting everyone who has ever joined us to share their experience, whether it was during our first year back in 1955 or whether they have recently joined us in 2020.

Jack Nicholl, Marketing and Communications Manager at Plas y Brenin said: “In honour of our 65th birthday, we want to uncover 65 stories from our alumni, guests, visitors and staff. We’re inviting anyone who has ever joined us to share their memories and experiences with us, and tell us about the adventures they’ve been on since. Not only do we want to celebrate their time with us, but we also want to inspire others to join us for their own adventure, so that we can create even more memories together.”

So whether over the years you have joined us for an unforgettable climb, stunning hike, epic mountain bike ride or an awe-inspiring paddle, we’d love to hear from you.

Email your story and pictures to 65@pyb.co.uk