White Water Canoe Coach Assessment
  • Plas y Brenin
  • 1 Day
  • 2 People to 1 instructor

White Water Canoe Coach Assessment

  • Paddle
  • Canoeing
  • British Canoeing Award


You'll be assessed on your ability to operate as a White Water Canoe Coach, coaching the skills required for paddling on Grade 2 white water, and laying sound foundations for advanced open water development in the future. You'll be assessed working with paddlers in any canoe, solo or tandem, and in a range of open water environments.

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The Objectives

You'll be one step further to your White Water Canoe Coach Award Qualification, demonstrating the coaching the skills required for paddling on Grade 2 white water.


* Please note: Itinerary is subject to weather and availability.

What to Expect

You'll be assessed delivering two coaching sessions of 90 minutes in moderate white water conditions. In addition you will need to display personal skills and appropriate leadership, safety and rescue skills.

Experience Required

Prior to your Coach Award Assessment you are required to have completed a number of prerequisites, in summary;

  • Registration Coach Award
  • eLearning Coach Award
  • Core Training Coach Award
  • Discipline Specific Training
  • Canoe Leadership Award T
  • he following minimum standards of deployment:
    • In date First Aid Training
    • Safeguarding Training
    • Full Home Nation Association Membership
    • Aged 16 or over at the time of assessment

Specific details (and acceptable alternatives) are provided in the Coach Award Course Guide.

Paddling open canoe on white-water can be exhilarating. Teaching others how to do it is a challenge. Show us how it's done!

Sid Sinfield

As this is an assessment we would expect you to be self-sufficient for equipment. However, if you are travelling some distance we can provide you with a canoe from our extensive fleet.

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