Funding support

Financial support for skills training and qualifications


In our role as the National Mountain Sports Centre, our primary goal is to encourage and support as many people as possible to get active outdoors. We recognise that in some cases, the primary barrier to individuals receiving the training they need is one of cost. As a not-for-profit organisation, we continually strive to ensure our course fees remain as low as possible. We also work with other organisations who provide funding support for specific opportunities – a list can be found below:

Jonathan Conville Memorial Trust

Funding for world-class mountain training for young people in North Wales, Scotland and the Alps.

James Brownhill Memorial Fund

Equipping full-time students with the skills for Scottish winter mountaineering.

COVID-19The centre is now closed to protect our customers and staff and support public health efforts in the fight against COVID-19. All affected customers will be contacted directly by our team.