Your one-stop shop for weather conditions in North Wales. With a live feed of Snowdon, the latest forecast and on-the-ground reporting.


Live Video Feed

That's the view and yes, it's live. If you watch closely you may even see Teddy skipping around the grounds by Ben's bench.

Use this live feed to check the weather before you head up here. You can also check out on the ground reports, updated daily by our instructors. They may be from the day before - that's why we've added the Met Weather mountain widget so you can check the weather properly before you head out.

Remember to always come prepared for bad weather, bring food, a reliable means of communication, tell someone where you're going and when you expect to be back and most importantly, be safe out there.

On The Ground Reporting

  • Tryfan, East Face

    Saturday 23 June – 17:00

    Superb scrambling conditions, with extremely dry rock all day long. Even the South Gully, which is well-known for being wet, was exceptionally dry.

  • Moel Siabod, Moelwynions

    Tuesday 19 June – 16:32

    Extremely wet and windy throughout the day, making for challenging walking and scrambling conditions.

    Very fine, almost misty rain has been a constant and soaking presence, with impairment to visibility too. Our team would estimate that gusts have been over 50mph, enough to knock an adult over – we advise taking extra care if out on the hills.

  • Afon Ddu, Conwy Valley

    Thursday 14 June – 17:00

    Water levels noticeably higher than early in the week following recent rainfall – made for a great day out of gorge scrambling!

  • Porth Dafarch, Anglesey

    Wednesday 13 June – 17:00

    Very good visibility throughout the day, but with both the wind and sea state building throughout. We have observed there is less plastic pollution visible in the smaller bays surrounding the area, which is encouraging.

  • Tryfan - South Ridge

    Monday 13 June – 17:00

    Very good visibility, with bone-dry rock. Weather definitely changed throughout the day, becoming noticeably breezy and cooler than the last few days, with ominous clouds building on the horizon. If you are venturing out over the next few days, we would definitely recommend making sure you’ve packed your waterproofs and some extra layers for warmth.

  • Cwm Idwal - Idwal Staircase - Ogwen Valley

    Sunday 11 June 18:00

    Warm dry rock, supper grippy, significantly drier conditions make it perfect timing to get one routes that are normally wet.

  • Moel Siabod

    Sunday 11 June 18:00

    Really dry with great views of Snowdon when not hazy, the flowers are out – loads of them!

  • River Dee

    Sunday 11 June 18:00

    Very dry and low. Water is warm, so no cag required. Midges weren’t too bad but were there.


    Sunday 11 June 18:00

    It’s still glorious weather in Snowdonia National Park and the forecast is set to be sunny and warm to hot for Tuesday. As ever, we advise that you always inform somebody of your route and expected times. Take plenty of fluids and suncream, the right equipment and wear appropriate clothing and footwear for your activity.


    Having said that, there is a change in the weather coming.


    Be safe and enjoy this glorious weather!