Your one-stop shop for weather conditions in North Wales. With a live feed of Snowdon, the latest forecast and on-the-ground reporting.


Live Video Feed

Use this live feed to check the weather before you head up here. You can also check out on the ground reports, updated daily by our instructors. We've also added the Met Weather mountain widget so you can check the weather properly before you head out.

Remember to always come prepared for bad weather, bring food, a reliable means of communication, tell someone where you're going and when you expect to be back and most importantly, be safe out there.

On The Ground Reporting

  • Upper Tier, Tremadog

    31 July 2018, 17:47

    Single pitch rock climbing, very comfortable conditions; cool, with good friction. Although a tad blustery, it made for quick-drying conditions after a minor period of rainfall. Rock ever-s0-slightly damp in a few places, but on the whole drip-free.

    Recommended kit: we would recommend an extra jacket in your bag to take the chill off while belaying, and chuck in your waterproofs to be better safe than sorry.




    Thursday 26 July 15:00

    The weather forecast looks to be a little changeable over the weekend compared to previous weeks of fine conditions.  More cloud and a few localised showers are forecast and some of these maybe heavy at times. The forecast does suggest plenty of sunny spells and dry conditions with warms temperatures so don’t forget the sun cream and water. Be sure to check the forecast before venturing out and be mindful of potential for showers.