Reopening for residential courses

Last updated - 22 September 2020.


As lockdown measures have been eased, we’ve been following a phased approach to reopening Plas y Brenin. This has allowed us to move with the changes in legislation from the Welsh government to allow us to resume offering activities as quickly as possible, while also ensuring that we continue to operate in a way that ensures the safety of both our customers and staff.

We are currently in Phase 4 – Residential Course Programme Delivery. We have made extensive adjustments to our course delivery and centre operations to ensure the safety of all guests, and feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

We are continually monitoring any adjustments to government regulations closely, and regularly communicating with existing customers about their bookings.

To help ease any uncertainty, customers can book with confidence, as we’re taking an ultra-flexible approach to bookings. In the event we are unable to run your booking with accommodation, we will work through the options below to find a solution that suits you:

  • Offer you a non-residential course place, if this is possible, and refund the cost of your accommodation to you.
  • Reschedule you to a later course date if you know your availability.
  • Credit your account with your course fee, allowing you to rebook at a later date if you are currently unsure of your future availability.
  • Offer you a full refund.

For more information on what to expect when you join us for a residential course, take a look at our FAQs below:

  • Are you running residential courses again?

    Yes – we resumed residential courses from Saturday 8 August, with guests joining us on-site from Friday 7 August.

  • What can I expect in terms of extra safety measures on my course?

    We have reviewed and will continue to thoroughly review our risk assessments for all activities delivered at Plas y Brenin in line with the latest available guidance. Our staff have undergone additional training to ensure that we can deliver an enjoyable and educational activity programme while continuing to observe social distancing and an enhanced hygiene regimen. These restrictions may affect the venues we choose for activities, for example, those where social distancing would not be possible, but we are confident this will not affect your time with us.

  • What can I expect in terms of extra safety measures at Plas y Brenin?

    We have implemented several new measures to ensure your safety with us on-site, including;

    All customers will be accommodated on a single occupancy basis, with the exception of those joining us from a household bubble.

    More frequent cleaning, particularly of high-traffic areas and frequent contact surfaces, such as door handles, light switches and tabletops.

    We have temporarily removed kettles from guest rooms; hot drinks are available as part of our breakfast service.

    Social distancing measures, including an overall reduced occupancy of the centre, and restricted capacity of common areas such as the dining room and bar. We are also implementing one-way systems around the centre where necessary to enable customers and staff to move around the building in safety.

    Provision of hand sanitiser points at entrances and exits.

    Additional signage on-site to remind staff and customers to be COVID-19 aware

    PVC screens in place at customer service points to protect staff and customers.

    Adjustments to our housekeeping procedures; fresh linen and towels will only be topped up or provided on request.

  • Are you carrying out any health screening of customers prior to their arrival at Plas y Brenin?

    Yes – all customers will be sent a simple questionnaire to be completed prior to their joining us at the centre. Customers whose responses show they pose a high risk will not be admitted to the Plas y Brenin site and will be asked to reschedule.

  • Which of your facilities are currently open?

    Plas y Brenin is currently only open to customers on scheduled courses, Epic Adventure Days and Private Instruction.

    Customers joining us on these activities will have use of accommodation, catering, teaching spaces, our bar (from 5pm to 11pm) and climbing walls.

    Catering provision is proceeding as normal (breakfast, provision of packed lunches, tea and cake and dinner). Bar meals are available on arrival nights from 7pm until 8.45pm.

    Please note that none of our facilities are available to walk-in visitors at present, however, this position is under ongoing review. For news on when we reopen to the general public, please sign up to our newsletter using the link at the foot of this page.

  • What courses are you currently intending to run?

    Please get in touch with your available dates and area(s) of interest to find out details of our latest course availability. We have a wide range of scheduled courses currently available to book, with Epic Adventure Days and Private Instruction also available on dates to suit you.

  • What happens if not enough people book onto my course?

    As is normally the case, if your course does not reach viable attendee numbers then we will likely need to cancel your course. In the event this happens, our customer service team will contact you to arrange either a transfer to another scheduled course, or a refund of your course fee. This is in line with our standard terms and conditions; please click here to access them.

  • What happens if the regulations change and affect if my course can run residentially?

    We will be closely monitoring the situation and will keep in close contact with you about any changes in the regulations that may affect your booking. In the event we are unable to offer your course on a residential basis, we will:

    Offer you a non-residential course place, if this is possible, and refund the cost of your accommodation to you.

    Reschedule you to a later course date if you know your availability.

    Credit your account with your course fee, allowing you to rebook at a later date if you are currently unsure of your future availability.

    Offer you a full refund.

  • What happens if there is a second spike and lockdown regulations are enforced again?

    There is a risk that a secondary increase in infection rates will result in lockdown measures being applied by the Welsh government at short notice. In the event this happens, we will contact you to discuss your booking in line with the options given above.

  • My previous plans are no longer possible due to coronavirus, what should I do?

    We will be abiding by our terms and conditions with respect to customer cancellations of courses. If a course is scheduled to run, then our standard terms and conditions will apply.

  • What methods of transport can I use to get to Plas y Brenin?

    We currently recommend the usage of a private car to travel to Plas y Brenin, where we have extensive free parking available on site.

    Alternatively, you may travel by train to Llandudno Junction or Bangor and arrange a taxi from there. Given our rural location, we would recommend booking your taxis in advance of travelling.

  • Should I take out travel insurance?

    We would always recommend that course attendees have appropriate insurance in place prior to joining us for a course.

  • What happens if I show coronavirus symptoms while I am with you at Plas y Brenin?

    In the event you become unwell, please let a member of our team know as quickly as possible. We have measures in place to isolate customers or staff who become unwell, and to provide them with prompt medical care.

  • Are you still using minibuses, and how will these be made safe?

    Yes – we will be using our larger minibuses to enable to maintain social distancing and asking customers who are participating as a household group to sit with each other to help make this process easier to manage. Minibuses will be regularly cleaned and disinfected as part of our new hygiene regimen.

    We are also asking customers to wear masks or another form of face-covering while they are in a minibus with us. We will have spares available, but please bring your own with you if you have one.

  • Do I need to wear a mask at Plas y Brenin?

    In order to ensure we comply with Welsh Government regulations introduced on 14 September 2020, we are asking all customers and staff to wear masks when using shared public areas at Plas y Brenin. These areas are clearly indicated with signs. Please bring a mask with you or other face-covering with you. Please note that these regulations do not apply when eating or drinking in our dining room and bar, and our programme of activity has been adapted to absolutely minimise the time spent using shared indoor spaces.